Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[News] Kara′s Popularity in Japan Soars With New Commercial

Kara signed an exclusive advertising contract with a famous Japanese pharmaceutical company.

On March 13, Fuji TV′s Mezamashi revealed scenes from the set of Kara′s appearance in the Rohto Pharmaceutical′s eyewash commercial.

Rohto Pharmaceutical, a well-known pharmaceutical brand in Japan, renewed their eyewash product and appointed Kara as its new face. That day, Kara members were at the studio, showcasing their bright smiles throughout the shooting.

However, Kara members were apparently worried about bumping into the fast-moving camera and said, "It′s scary. [The camera] moves very quickly." Yet the members were still able to display their distinctive cuteness through their eyes.

Meanwhile, Kara kicked off its world tour last month with a concert in Seoul, and will visit Japan and China as well. Moreover, Kara also released its sixth Japanese album Speed Up/Girl′s Power earlier this month in the middle of its Asia tour.

Taken from | enewsworld

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