Saturday, March 3, 2012

[Pic] 12.03.03. KARA @ Tokyo Girls Collection + Aiport Photo


Nicole's hair is Violet/Purple color now..

This is Cole @ the Airport


cr | amaikara


  1. WOW. Im impressed. She's like the only member who venture into different kind of hairstyle. To avoid the tiresome hairstyling, she even tied her hair all the time. Well for the purple hair maybe it's just for palty. After all Palty is a brand for hair dye in Japan.

  2. i prefer blonde..keke..lets just hope to see cole blond soon..i havent got enough moment with blond cole..keke~but this also looks fine..what can i say~she looks good on anything..lets just hope for new extravagantz hair style..keke

  3. Cole really suit a lot of those hair styles. Black, brunette, blonde and now violet. Long hair, short hair...Wow ^o^ Daebak!

  4. Just when I started to get used to her blonde hair lolz!

  5. Need more pics, fanpics, fancams, c'mon JKAmilia