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[Fan] 12.06.12. Korean Tourism Awards Fan Account

My fan account. Please don't get disappointed reading through it. I was shell shocked and got brain freeze.

When the news got out about the 2012 Korean Tourism Award, I took note of where it would be and upon checking the official website I saw that I had time for it before my night-time flight. But was it open to the public? Will Kamilia be there? I had no idea. But since I missed going to SBS to try to watch Inkigayo, I took the chance and set out to Chongdong Theater with my Karaholic towel in my bag.

When I arrived, there were hardly anybody around. Granted, I got there past 10am which was the time listed on the site for the event. I saw a guy and a girl with cameras -- photographers? fans? I walked inside and even got a brochure (acting like a tourist haha!). So there were tables and chairs outside and I sat on one of them beside another table where 5-6 girls were occupying. I was eavesdropping and I thought I could hear them say KARA members' names, but I wasn't sure and I am really a shy person.

They started moving around and seemed to be getting excited, so I told myself to go for it and shyly approached one of the girls "Kamilia?" She nodded and I said "Me too. Kamilia." I showed her the Karaholic towel. I think I beamed with happiness LOL and she explained in limited English that the manager was there already but KARA hasn't arrived yet. I thought she said KARA's not coming so I was sad. But then I saw that they had the KARA member's names flashing on their phones and I assumed that KARA was indeed arriving. Then a bunch of students (they were in uniform) went outside from somewhere inside (I really don't know where they came from). They moved to the entrance and the Kamilia fangurls I think was apprehensive with losing their good spots. Then the security people asked everyone to move back and said not to take pictures (all these I gathered with their gestures). Sometime while this was happening, one of the Kamilia gurls asked me where I'm from and I said Philippines and Karaholic showing the towel which I already had ready. (I know I could've whipped out my phone and took pictures and pretend that I didn't understand them but I couldn't act that way.)

Then the vans arrived! They parked across the street. I immediately noticed Hammie's red hair and saw that Jing had long hair. They were saying Nicole, but I couldn't see her blonde hair from my spot. Pretty soon, KARA moved inside and they Kamilia gurls had their phones ready so I held up my towel too (hehe). KARA walked past us quickly but they glanced and waved at us. They were in a hurry and walked down to the main theater. I watched them walking down and took in Nicole's outfit and noticed Gyuri taking her last two steps down with a swagger (haha - the things I noticed, sorry).

Then the gurls started to gather their stuff so I asked "can we go inside?" and she said "yes inside. Let's go." I followed them and appreciate that the girl who talked to me walked slower to make sure I'm at her heels.

We went down to the theater but could only stay at the lobby. The awarding ceremony has started and we could watch it from the TV outside. They had a list of those who could go in (someone came late but her name was on the list so she went inside). The Kamilia gurls talked amongst themselves and the girl told them that I'm from the Philippines and I showed them the towel too and they said "good! good!" (made me really happy) and one of them joked that it was KARA on the stage but our babies were the last. They were busy watching the video they were able to take when KARA stepped on stage. The view from the TV was like sitting at the backmost seat (so we didn't see those expression that are clearly visible from the news and fancams that came out). One of the girls clapped loudly when KARA received the trophy and she got chided by the others so she calmed herself down a bit (she still clapped). When the group pictures were done, we were asked to move back. And KARA walked out. Nicole first (I was shell shocked! Did I wave back? I don't remember.) Then Hara who was smiling and waved (I said "Hello" but I think my voice was soft). Then my eyes beheld Gyuri. I was able to say out her name. (Was it loud? I think louder than my "Hello"). Then Hammie and Jing walking beside each other. I said "SeungYeon" (Yes, louder again. My voice increased with every word haha).

You know the pictures we see? I sometimes felt they were slightly edited, but in real life KARA members are really flawless. They are so beautiful. I wondered if they noticed the Karaholic towel. I hope they did even though a shell shocked foreigner fan was the one holding it.

The Kamilia girls followed them closely, I followed the girls. I also noticed the photographers starting to go out of the theater. When I walked out the door, I saw KARA stop at the spot where their name and pic was on the wall of the awardees. Then halfway up the next step, Hara looked down at us and kept waving with both hands. (Hara was really the best at fan service. Seeing her like that, I thought how could she get so many haters when she's really a nice person. Fan service aside, one could feel that her gestures were genuine.) I was so happy that when I realized I could take a picture, she already started to continue up the steps. (fail!)

Then they moved to the museum. I don't know what they did, but they were near the door so even from afar, we could still see them. The Kamilia girl with the good DSLR was taking pictures and said something that I gathered as getting Nicole. I said that if she moved to my spot, she'll get a pic of Gyuri and Hara. She understood and got good pics (I saw one of her pics of Hara). Then KARA moved outside and to the parking lot across the street.

The Kamilia girls moved closer to them, I stayed back and watched Kara and Kamilia (I found it fun and interesting to watch Kamilia too.) and then Nicole crossed the street again to the gray van that was parked at our side. Since the other members were nowhere in sight (I guess they are in the van already) the Kamilia girls followed Nicole. She greeted them always smiling and bowed at them.

The gray van left first. The Kamilia girls were at the parking lot watching the black van. I did my ninja-exit before the black van left. I didn't get to thank the Kamilia girls who helped me, but I found them on Twitter (they are the girls who went to the KARA Fanmeet as human flower wreath coz they didn't get lucky in the raffle) so I was able to thank them belatedly.

ALL Credits to iammai @ Karaholic

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