Sunday, February 10, 2013

[Nicole-ing] 13.02.10. Happy New Year!

Hello everyone on Nicole-ing! kekeke

It's already Chinese New Year holiday ... keke Did you have a great time spending it with family?
I ate ddeokguk and kalbi jjim with mom >_< It's really delicious because it's been awhile (since the last time I ate it) kekeke

It feels like it's not too long ago we were welcoming year 2013 .. but it's already February and somehow .. it feels strange .
Lots of thoughts. .. not sure whether I'm doing good or not...
with lots of worries I'm just spending my busy days everyday happily
As I said, Kara have slowly started challenging individual activities! ^^
Our onnis started first.. so everyone's  watching them right ? Please support them a lot
For us, Kamilia's presence is what gives us confidence and strength the most ^^
KARA and Kamilia haven't started 2013 yet.. we are still at the starting line.

See you soon
Please wait for us ~~

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Translated by yuda @ Karaholic


  1. Nice of her to leave a message. I wonder what her worries are about, probably not career related since KARA is doing really good...

    1. It could be something related to her solo pursuits.

  2. she mentioned solo activities, so i'm extremely curious what hers will be...hope she announces whether she will be joing wgm or not...or any dramas since she once said she doesn't like variety shows...