Saturday, December 4, 2010

[News] Nicole voted # 2 idol with the most beautiful smile

There was a poll asking which Idol has the most beautiful smile, Yoona came in first with 49 % of the votes. Nicole came in second with 39% of the votes. A total of 712 people took part in the poll.

Source: Newsen

Cole does have a really pretty smile lol.. how many times has she been in included in polls about her teeth and smile haha.


  1. no doubt xD lol!! her smile is killer hehehehe!!

  2. Yup! Cole rocks in the 'smile, eyesmile and teeth' department!! kekeke

    Yoona does hv a nice sincere looking smile but my Cole-biasness says Cole is the winner!! :D

  3. nicole is the BEST !!.. saranghae.. <3
    fighting !! nicolaaa.. ^_^