Wednesday, July 4, 2012

[Tweet] One in my Top 5

素直になれなくてー菅原紗由理 いつでも聞いてる曲^^ My recommendation today! heehee It's probably one of my top 5 song list.

Korean Translations by sysbittersweet @ twitter.

The Japanese part has not been translated but she's talking about this song:


  1. This song was from Jeajoong's Japanese drama "Hard to say I love You." Omg I love this song...the mv is so pretty. :D

  2. As always, Cole's got great taste in music..
    Can't help but notice that the lyrics is about 'the desire to tell a person that she loves him but she just can do it'..
    I really hope Cole will find a caring and sweet boyfriend since she's mentally and emotionally ready for it <3

  3. Randomly browse twitter and found out that fans tweet to Sayuri about Cole favor her song and then she tweeted to Cole and also follow her.I think she said,she was very happy about it.

    1. Yep, I'm going to see if I can get the translation for that tweet.

    2. That's nice.. and I think Sayuri is about the same age as Cole.. Maybe they'll end up as good friends too, knowing Cole's affable personality <3

      Would love to see Cole sing a ballad like Sayuri one day .. :)