Sunday, July 8, 2012

[Tweet] Universal Studios Adventures (Singapore)


It's a shop for me. Chocochocochocolate!!!!

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Store for me Choco choco chocolate!!!!!!

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First time riding roller coaster with eyes open!! Kept open!!!! New world!!!!

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Gyuri's tweets: 


Super scary roller coaster on this hot day ㅠㅠafter riding it my legs are shaking ㅠㅠnevertheless universal studio is really fun^^!

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I rode that..........

The funny thing was a girl who sat behind me screamed really loud that I was overwhelmed that made me unable to scream even once kekekekekeke I thought it was coming from my mouth kkyak!!!euaa!!!uwo!!!! ....I was able to hear it well and turned out it wasn't my voice kekekeke everyone said they thought it was my screaming...

Thank you for those who screamed in my place who have hurt throat... i was satisfied even though i didn't screamed ^^

kekekekekeke ah can't forgot it uwowowoooooeuuuowo ke!!!!! kekekekekeke it's exactly like this kekekekekekeke

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Jing (at last):


Universal studio in Singapore~♪

Glad to see Nicole and Gyuri having fun, Gyuri seems stressed lately but seems like she's enjoying the trip.

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