Monday, November 14, 2011

[Cap] Woohyun followed Nicole

cr: keycole-97 @  tumblr 

haha Twitter Activity allows you to stalk what anyone is doing XD 
Apparently, Woohyun just followed Nicole :)


  1. that's weird. i seems like woohyun followed nicole & unfollowed her the day after.
    something's fishy :/

    nicole is still the only female idol that L follows though.

  2. I wonder why he stopped following her though...they seemed like friends when they guested on Strong Heart... >3<

    BUT maybe myungsoo warned his hyung to away from his new favorite noona coz he thought he might steal her... XD

  3. WooNi or YeolCole?

  4. It seems something wrong because i though they're friend and they never took a pic together do you have any interaction of them?

    1. From what I've seen, Woohyun was originally friends with Key first and it was Key who brought him into the 91 Line group of friends. I think although Nicole is friendly with Woohyun (b/c they all hang together in that group) she's not as close to him as she is with Key, Jinwoon and Mir. I actually don't remember any interaction between them, I think Cole's really close to the original members of the group.