Friday, May 22, 2015

[Fan] Nicole Filming Fan Pics



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Seems like Nicole is just a guest.

More info on the show :

Super Junior member Heechul and Simon D are visiting Jeju island for travel program “MAPS.”

On May 23, Heechul announced the duo’s whereabouts on his Instagram, saying, “Starting at 3 p.m. on May 23, Kim Heechul and Simon D will be on Jeju’s fifteenth Olle Trail. Those who see us, please give us a high five.” Along with the high five request, a picture of the two posing playfully at a Jeju island beach was also posted.

Meanwhile, Heechul and Simon D departed for Jeju island on May 20 to film for Olive TV travel program “MAPS.” The episode is scheduled to broadcast at the end of June.

src | soompi


  1. is this a new show?

  2. i'm gonna be super happy if she is fixed on the's been a long time since we see nicole every week as fixed guest on show.. plus glad to see her getting along with her generation mates(can i say that..keke..cuz both the guy are her senior in same generation rite?) and!! long time no see shikshin nicole..ngeee..please..please hope it's a fixed..

    and do you know what channel this show for??

  3. Excited to see her back on shows even as a guest and even when she doesn't really have anything to promote for Korea.

  4. Nicole with heechul.😍

  5. So how about nicole ? just guest ?