Saturday, May 30, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] All Hands On Deck

#allhandsondeck #NicolesHomecoming

 yo yo hip hop #NicolesHomecoming #ニコル #니콜 #allhandsondeck

I'll see you tomorrow Thank you for coming !!

언니 오늘 너무 예뻐 저리가 내옆에서 먼곳으로 8

I want to see this performance asap!


  1. Love this song right now. If she's able to pull Beyoncé's song she can definitely kill this song. Excited to see it too! I hope there are fancams. I don't mind if there isn't any for Something Special, I'm good with see just All Hands On Deck.

  2. Can I ask who her friend is (and/or what she does)? Her friend seems to know a lot of other idols too.