Sunday, May 10, 2015

[Nicole_as] 15.05.09. Nicole Updates on Nicole Always Smile

How are you?

Recently I've been so busy and troubled by so many things.
I'll be filming a PV soon so I've been practicing and exercising.
But with my diet I didn't do badly so I'm not worried w
I did well when it comes to eating
During this time, I'm interested in a healthy salad store. When I found it, I go there often.
My favortie meal... has a lot of avocado ww
I love avocado! It's good for your hair and eyes. And it's delicious..
They also have yogurt with chia seeds in it.
It's a really healthy store!!!

Since I've been busy recently, don't worry about my dogs.. I still care about them.
Even so, we've been able to go on more walks..
My heart is full.
I plan to bring my dogs to wherever we'll be filming the PV w
During that time I'll take a lot of photos to show you!

I think you already know but I have an event on the 30th of May
I'm thinking of what to prepare to make everyone happy!! W
Thinking thinking

Recently I have a worry ww
However after much consideration, there will be a good conclusion in the end
Although I only have three weeks left, from last time's meet and greet, I was able to make great use of our time, so I'm already excited.
Please come! Let's play together!

I'm about to go eat dinner now.
Although I can't eat much T.T


Thanks to @_mellificent for translation

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