Monday, May 25, 2015

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From the heart

I wonder if that's lyrics from one of the songs on her single.


  1. I really dont know where to post my thought about this. Have you heard about news of Hara releasing her solo album. She said she requested from DSP to make solo album and if I'm not wrong DSP did said they didnt recognize being solo as artist.

    So why suddenly after Cole and Jing left,they let other members to do their solo and its the same thing Cole asked from DSP previously. Feels like DSP did this to show something to Cole. I didnt want to overthink but its really hurt me especially when Kara doing comeback and miss her n Jing being in Kara.

    Despite saying all that, I hope that GyulHamRa will support ColeJing and vice versa in whatever they do :)

    1. I mean it is kind of obvious who is top on the DSP roster lol.

      Let's say Nicole wasn't anywhere near the top of that list for awhile, especially during the contract renewal stages.

      Nicole seems much more happier with more freedom and choices. She's with a company that supports and believes in her, so it's all good :)

    2. I agree! As long as her current company respects her wishes and let her do what she wants without treating her like she's insignificant, I will pretty much rather her not be in Kara or DSP.

      On a side note, do you have the link to your profile picture! She looks amazing and I haven't seen that photo anywhere

    3. You have spoken my thoughts. From the moment they announced HaRa was working on her solo album my mind kept spinning. But I've decided to keep everything to myself until 2016 when the three girls' contract expires and what they decides to do. I'm noting numerous things as they develop and will be writing a full on essay regarding everything that has happen since the ending of Damaged Lady promotions.

      I sound so obsessive and butthurt as I harbor all these feels for 2016... hahaha...

    4. Here is the picture, not sure where it is originally from. Just saw fans tweeting it:

      It is kind of obvious some stuff went on that wasn't exactly fair, so as fans we have some frustrations understandably XD

  2. I am really upset with DSP's decision to release Hara's solo. That proved what we fans have been claiming all along.. that they were unfairly treating Nicole.

    On another perspective, I am kind of upset with the members as well in particular Hara, SY and Gyuri. Because it was obvious that DSP was mistreating Nicole but they were 'fine' with it. If they were sincere friends of Nicole, they could have requested that Nicole gets the same opportunities that they did. That's what best friends do -- protect each other.

    Or at least, when nicole left KARA, they should not be upset with her and should have tried to pacify fans who were mad with Nicole. Because they know that Nicole has a right to follow her dreams and staying with DSP would not give her any room for personal growth.

    Of course this is just my ranting. i am a Colling now. I still follow KARA's development but just as a casual fan. My love and support i reserved for Nicole (and Jiyoung too).