Monday, May 11, 2015

[News] 15.05.08. Former KARA Member Nicole, Solo Debut Single is "Something Special"

Former KARA member Nicole is about to debut in Japan. Her solo debut single, which will be released on the 24th of June has been introduced.

This time's song release, which was performed for the first time during KCON 2015 Japan x M COUNTDOWN, was well received. "Something Special" had a striking choreography, with Nicole swinging her arms around and around. With the danceable pop/R&B sound, the results of her training in America are apparent. The coupling song has a strong beat, the song that has a magical theme, FANTASY. And in the regular edition, there will bonus track from Nicole's Korean mini album "First Romance" released back in November 2014. It's a sweet yet painful ballad called "Love," which she will be recording a Japanese version.

Also, if you buy the regular edition along with the limited edition A and B, you will get a mini photo magazine as a present.

Moreover, Nicole's official Japan fanclub has been opened. On May 30, to commemorate the club establishment, a fanclub event "Nicole's Homecoming" will be held at Toyosu PIT. This will be Nicole's first solo event in Japan. Apart from the talk and game portions, a special performance has also been planned.

Nicole debuted in Korea back in November 2014 with her mini album, "First Romance." From her previous image, her renewed sexy image was the talk of the town back in Korea. Last April 22, she performed in the Saitama Arena for the KCON 2015 Japan x M Countdown stage. The response to her Japanese debut single has also been good, reaching the 1st to 3rd places in Tower Records' Online Daily Prediction Chart the next day, April 23rd. As shown by the large interest in her upcoming single, Nicole's popularity in Japan has not waned.

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  1. What if her debut single is actually Fantasy? I read somewhere that Fantasy is an upbeat song. Maybe she just performed Something Special to tease.~~

  2. Is it normal to performed the song before the actual debut date? I feel it weird when we already can hear the song now and her debut suppose to be on June. It about 2 month before the debut in Japan

    1. I don't think that was normal, that was why I was so hesitant on Something Special being her title song. I thought maybe that song would be the second song and her actual title song would be kept under wraps but I guess not lol