Friday, November 4, 2011

[Info] Nicole on the radio next week!

As you guys probably know Cole's really good friends with solo singer, Beige. Beige has a new internet radio show that airs every Tuesday and Thursday at 24:30 or Wednesday & Friday @ 12:30 AM on Afreeca TV. She's going to call up Nicole on her radio show next week!!!

Nicole is being more picky about what she wants to do. I noticed her priorities right now  are KARA, Food, Friends, and Fitness haha.

Anyways, I hope she comes back  with some project soon.. miss her XD


  1. well i hate this ... i hate that Nicole is now picky.... becose now we dont see her ... not like 2009 and 2010 in sgb level with me and heroes
    seouyoung now is in (animal farm)
    jing in (iy2)
    GYURI in her (musical)
    hara had her series (hunter)
    nicole in 2 year (......) nothing
    i started to like nicole less an less and this SUCK because i love nicole she is my bias in Kara
    plz nicole we miss you comeback

  2. It's selfish of me but I kinda wish she wasn't so picky (if that truly is the case). I understand only doing things she likes but it seems weird that as an idol she wouldn't be interested in doing any other activities? I can't imagine her disliking to be on variety shows, mcing, and acting. She seemed so great on variety.

    I hope she really is preparing for something and we aren't misinterpreting Ms. Shirley's words or that it wasn't just said to keep fans quiet. Well, I will always support her, but I still find it frustrating she isn't taking on any solo activities.

  3. ^^ Why do u guys see it that way? Some of us Nicole stan feels that DSP has been sidelining Cole ever since the 'fiasco' .. sort of like 'repaying' her (and Shirley) for all the controversy they had to go through.

    I'd understand it if Cole didn't want to do any 'modelling' stints becasue it was never her 'thing' but I don't believe that she would turn away offers to do collabo with other artists, OST or appear on variety shows.

    It's just a theory that DSP is not giving Cole her fair share of exposure.. Nonetheless, it is a plausible possibility! I don't really care abt the modelling/product sponsoring thingy... but not giving Cole any opportunity to collabo w/ others or produce an OST is just upsetting. Even Hara got an OST .... :(

    But it would be a great surprise if Cole does have something 'up her sleeve' like her mom said. She's a talented, genuine and passionate person .. who deserves a shot at success :)

  4. I agree I think DSP kinda denying Nicole's right to participate in variety show