Thursday, September 2, 2010

[Info] Dalmatian & KARA Connection Solved!

Daniel aka Drama just got a twitter and he's following Gyuri & Nicole. There is a small chance he just likes GyulCole but he is also following a couple of people that Nicole is following that aren't celebs. I wonder if they know each other through family or something. Anyways, it'd be awesome for Daniel and GyulCole connect.

His twitter:

Thanks to Ron for pointing something out to me. Nicole has has mentioned "Sharon Unni" in her thanks to since KARA's first album. So she knows Sharon really well. Ron pointed out that Sharon and Daniel share the same last name.. so I went to her twitter and she tweeted to Daniel about his debut and also to show love to his brother who will finally get to debut!!.. SO Nicole must know Daniel pretty well and so that explains why he is following her. I don't get the Gyuri part though, everyone that seems to be from Nicole's "side" also knows Gyuri lol. Gyuri and Nicole are that close that she seems to know everyone Nicole knows ? haha.

* It's just hitting me.. it's like Nicole and her family have this HUGE network of people they know and a lot of them are celebs..haha.. just Nicole's so humble.. you would never know.

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  1. There's seriously no need for secret intelligence services in Korea. I began to sketch out a Kara social-network map a month back and Nicole's section literally blew my mind.