Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[News] KARA’s ‘2007-2010 BEST’ achieves no. 2 on Oricon Charts, to release a new single in November

KARA’s recent ranking as number 2 on the daily Oricon Album Charts marked the best that any Korean female girl group has been able to achieve for a full album in the Japanese market.

According to Oricon Charts, on September 29th KARA released their album called ‘2007-2010 KARA Best’, which earned them a spot in the top 2 on the daily charts on the same day of release. The girl group sold 18,223 copies on their first day, being only beaten by Japanese jazz singer, JUJU.


Since the album contained all of KARA’s tracks that were released in Korea since 2007, the 2nd ranking held a deeper meaning for the group.

Meanwhile, KARA’s first Japanese single, ‘Mister‘, which was released earlier in August, sold 9,000~10,000 copies on the first day, which earned them a spot in the Top 10 of the daily Oricon Charts. It show’s how much their popularity is growing in Japan.
In addition, it has been reported that KARA’s second single, ‘Jumping‘, is scheduled for release on November 10th. This will be a brand new song for the Japanese market and not a re-hashed Korean song.

Source + Photo: Newsen
Tip: eunice

I'm dying this has to be the best news!! I did expect the album to do really well considering the pre-order demands but I bet the girls were Happy. It's not #1 but #2 will do lol. I'm curious about Jumping though

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

[Info] KARA's Nicole and 2PM's Nichkhun is most likely the idol who will live happily ever after marriage !

KARA's Nicole and 2PM's Nichkhun is most likely the idol who will live happily ever after marriage !

Shin Sung International Marriage did a poll asking which two idol stars will be the best international couple if they were to be married.

Nicole and Nickhun won first place with gaining 531 votes out of 797 (66.6%)

Second place goes to 2NE1's Sandara Park gaining (245,30.7 %) of votes while, Yong Hwa gaining(327,41%) of votes

Translated +
Tip off: kara4life @ Kh.

Edit: Nov/ kara4life updated with more clear info: saw another version of that article and it said that Nicole is 1st from female idols (66%), followed by 2NE1 Sandara Park (30%), and as for male idols Nichkhun is 1st (50%) following by Yonghwa (41%)

[Vid] 10.09.28. Dalmation's Drama Calls Nicole

 Calls Cole @ 4:08.
Credit: uploader

Look at how excited they are lol.. hmm I think Nicole and Drama know each other from LA.. It was cool though that she knew their song :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

[Pic] Nicole and Soo Ah being Cute!

Credit: DCNC
Does anyone know where the original pictures were posted? Because I know the first one was tweeted by Nicole ..

[Vid] 10.09.26. Heroes EP 9 Nicole Interview Cut

Credit: Uploader.

I'm so proud of Nicole for completing her interview so well. I like how she showed everyone how smart she is and I think her interview was very revealing for those of us that didn't know how nervous of a person she can be. She isn't always going to understand what is going on around her and I think many people often forget that it's not always simple for her. There are still times when she is definitely confused and intimidated. Often times because of our greed of wanting to see Nicole on TV more, we really forget that she struggles with these things and we just have to support her through them. I would be fine if Nicole wasn't so aware and just did want to wanted and said what she wanted comfortably. 

Friday, September 24, 2010

[blab] Stella tweeted to Nicole

Stella Kim tweeted to Nicole.. I guess Stella is pretty famous as an ex SM trainee and was suppose to be in SNSD. Anyways she tweeted to Nicole and Cole tweeted back. Another one of Nicole's contacts discovered haha. 

Stella's twitter:

[Fan] KARA's Best/Worst Hairstyles

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

[Info] Nana mentions Nicole

Part 3 - Profile
★After School Nana
Real name Im Jinah
Born September 14th, 1991
171cm, 48kg
Company Pledis
Trainee Period: 1 year
Debuted in 2009 through After School’s single ‘Because of You’
Celebrity I’m closest with: Same age friend Kara’s Nicole
Ideal Type: Lee Sungyun. I like guys who have pretty eyes when they smile

Souce: fyafterschool's Tumblr
Translated by: shmesmx3 at Tumblr

[message] Notice.

Okay so I just moved and I don't know when I'll get my internet access back at the new place so I don't have as much access to the Internet as before ( :( ) . If you notice the blog not being as updated as before that is the reason. Hopefully I get this figured out by KARA's comeback...

Monday, September 20, 2010

[Info] Red Kitchen mentioned in Japan

According to this tweet: tatsu3964funajp

@_911007 학수고대하고 있었어요! 오늘, 일본의 NHK의 FM방송에서, 江南의 레드 키친이 취재되고 있었어요! 요전에 일본에서 시판된 K-pop Girls의 니콜씨나 멤버 전원은, 매우 매력적으로 촬영된 사진이 많고, 2권도 사버렸습니다!

Red Kitchen was mentioned on NHK radio in Japan, so sort of overseas promo? I'm guessing they mentioned the restaurant when they were talking about KARA..

More info thanks to Ron: Nicole's aunt was interviewed at Red Kitchen and it was  broadcasted on Japan NHK-FM radio program.^^  


[Tweet] Happy Chuseok From Nicole

Finally she tweets :P

여러분 ~ 추석입니다 ~~ ㅎㅎ 다들 맛있는거맘껏 많이드시구 푹쉬세요! 가족과즐거운 시간보내시구용 ~~ 후훗 ~ 뿅 ^^

Everyone~ It's Chuseok~~ hehe I hope you all enjoy, eat a lot and deliciously, Rest well! Hope you all have a great time with your family~~ huhut~~ bbyeong^^

Credti: aank1 @ KH.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

[Cap] DSP's newly renovated homepage

Credit: dckara.

Smack in the center lol.

[Vid] 10.09.12. Fancam of Lupin + Mister for Chuseok Special

Credit: uploader.

about the Lupin performance, isn't Nicole Suppose to be the loudest? I mean at first when I noticed it a couple months ago, I brushed it off as that she was just singing loud but.. I actually think she is suppose to be carrying the chorus. Usually it's Gyuri who is carrying the chorus or it is a mix of GyulCole or GyulHamCole but for Lupin Nicole is suppose to be the "loudest" or is the lead vocal for the chorus...that's what I figure.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

[Info] SBS Special Broadcast

10.09.19. SBS Special Chuseok Dream Wave Concert - 3:20 PM

*Takes the place of Inkigayo. This is the performance without SeungYeon. I want to hear Gyuri and Nicole in better quality :D

[Fan] A - KARA Fan Made MV

One of the best fan made videos of KARA:

Friday, September 17, 2010

[Info] KARA's plans for Chuseok

The girls won't be in the Chuseok Specials this year :(

But they will be spending time with their family and preparing for the new album. 

So the New York Chuseok festival is still up in the air?....


[Pic] Billboard of KARA Best Album in Japan

Credit: dckara

Thursday, September 16, 2010

[blab] Practice videos.

So now i'm seeing all these practice videos from various idols dancing and singing.. and KARA used to do that. 

I saw somewhere someone said that KARA doesn't have to record themselves practicing because they aren't rookies, therefore they don't have prove anything. But I'm really just against this, it was so much simple back in the debut days, they were encouraged to go out there and show people what they could do, even if they were underrated.. at least they proved their skills. I think it would be refreshing to see KARA go back to that rookie mindset and show what they do despite the growth in popularity. 

The Big 3 companies still have their artists recorded practicing and working.. I know this is the fault of DSP, how could they be so clueless. I see many comments saying KARA isn't talented but then again it's not like DSP is trying to help in any way either? 

I know the girls are practicing but I think it just gives a new perspective when we can see it. I know there were a couple times they were filmed practicing for shows, but I think there would be more impact if they just shot a 3 min video of  practice.. liven things up a bit... I feel like DSP is so concerned with KARA's sweet image that they feel comfortable just being safe but.. how is this going to help the KARA members in the long run?...

[Info] FT Island on SSTP

So I was hoping for this to happen, even though the chance is small but Jaejin mentioned Cole!! I don't know what it was for though lol... well i'm not sure.. anyone who finds out.. tell me lol.

But listening to this, I think people forgot that KARA gets along with FT Island as well.. I mean the attention is on KARA + Shinee .. but yea there is some relationship there..  just saying XD..

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[Review] 10.09.15. E TV News Korea Star Q10

This is only from what I could understand :D

The show is focusing on Kara, SNSD, and 4min since they are the girl groups that getting attention for debuting in Japan. The show asks 10 questions.

Nicole was mentioned on twice for shikshin and for scandal maker.

For scandal makers, they had a top 5 list:
1. Taeyeon
2. Nicole (because of her 2 guy BFFs lol)
3. SeungYeon (sorta of surprise considering who are below her)
4. Tiffany
5. Jessica

The show visited a resturant the girls frequented called Wagaya and asked the manager to show what they ordered.

For Gyuri and Jiyoung, it's Donkatsu &soup (?):

For Nicole, it's Soba Noodles:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

[Fan] 10.09.12. Pictures from Hallyu Concert


[Vid] 1000 Songs Challenge - Crazy (Nicole cut)

Credit: guharalovely00@ youtube
Tip off: Christine.

Refreshing! Cole's voice not so high pitched :P

Monday, September 13, 2010

[Info] KARA for new online game "Sudden Attack"

[News] Heroes cast try to get jobs


The cast of SBS’s Heroes have discarded their sweat and pajamas and have traded them in for full blown business attires!

The show has taken a turn of events and will be sending the girls to go get interviewed! They will be conducting self introductions and will be holding interviews that will include sharp questions that will definitely keep them on their toes.

Producer Park Sung Hoon stated, “The girls were worried that since business attire were common, they would be wearing the same clothes. However, they all had different outfits and worn it with their own style, just like true fashionistas.”

Credit: AK

So this is new concept huh? Interesting :)

[Fan] Whale (Piano Vers)

[FanCams] 10.09.12. Hallyu Wave Dream Concert - Lupin & Mister

Not the most HD quality.


Gyuri sings SY's first lines then I think Nicole sings the rest and actually you can hear Nicole very well during the high notes too, she was fire lol.


Nicole sings SY's first lines then Gyuri sings SY's adlib, gives it a different twist :)

I think Gyuri and Nicole made SeungYeon proud.

[Info] GyulCole makes it on the TOP 50 Most Influential Twitter Users in Korea

No1-Donghae (SJ)
No2-Heechul (SJ)
No3-Ryeowook (SJ)
No4-Alexander (UKISS)
No5-Eunhyuk (SJ)
No6-Park Kyung Chul
No7-Lee Teuk (SJ)
No8-Nickhun (2PM)
No9-Jokwon (2AM)
No10- ShesMD
No13-Siwon (SJ)
No14-Kevin (UKISS)
No15-Ha Dong Hoon

No16-Gyuri (KARA)

No17-Kim Ju Ha
No18-Kim Hyung Jun (SS501)
No20-Lee Oi Soo
No21-Drunker Tiger JK
No22-Park Yong Man
No23-Donkey Hoteh (normal person)
No24-Kim Mihwa
No25-Kim Chang Ryul
No26-Seulong (2AM)
No27-Jung Yong Jin
No28-No Hwi Chan
No29-Lee Min Ho
No30-Kim C
No31-Kim Je Dong
No32-Shin Ho Chul
No33-Lee Gwan Hee (normal person)
No35-Yoon DoHyun
No36-No Hong Chul
No37-Yenny (WG)
No40-Kim Yun Ah (skater)
No41-Cause Square (normal person)
No42-Doraemon (Normal person)
No43-Nicole (KARA)

No44-Yoo Si Min
No45-Lee Juck
No46-Sunmi (WG)
No47-Eli Kim (UKISS)
No48-Yubin (WG)

Source: with KARA & ebuzz

I guess it doesn't matter how many followers you have.

[Wall Paper] ASK Wall Papers Part 2


Source: dc kara

For the original sizes refer to HERE or HERE

[blab] So it's unlikely..

Doesn't seem like KARA will be participating in any of the Chuseok specials... but it's not Chuseok without KARA lol. I'm wondering about the NY Chuseok Festival, if KARA is still going..

Sunday, September 12, 2010

[Info] Nicole voted as 2nd sexy Pop Girl

The survey was done with 336 participates. Hyunah got 1st with 44.3 % of the votes and Nicole came in 2nd with 27.9% of the votes with Gain coming in at 3rd with 24% of the votes.  Article says both Nicole and Gain are unique and are loved by the public.

I think that's good considering Nicole's not as known for having a sexy image.I know this doesn't really mean anything but I'm glad to see Nicole being mentioned in the polls again.

[Pics] 10.09.12. Hallyu Wave Dream Concert





Credit: as tagged & dckara

Actually I liked Cole's black outfit the most in the first pic. In the 2nd pic, seems like Cole's the only one with black hair too. I heard Gyuri took over for SeungYeon's parts then something about Nicole did something at the end of the performance...

[Vid] 10.09.12. Heroes EP 9 (Nicole Hanbok cut)

Credit: Rwonron @ youtube.

cute lol. Seems like this was taped after she cut her recent hair cut.. the bangs give it away :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

[Pic] Nicole in her Pink Hanbok for Heroes


Credit: SBS 

The summary for this episode is out, the cast will be having a fashion show in their hanboks. A mom who has a son who is old enough to be married will be looking at the cast to see who will make the best daughter in law. There will be a new project on popularity. They will have a TV parody game and it mentions Nicole and English :D

Thursday, September 9, 2010

[Vid] 10.09.05. Bouquet (English Subbed, KARA cut)

Credit: uploader.

I agree, Gyuri's beauty is just more mature :D

[Fan] Me2 Lupin Mr Remix

Credit: freakmix2010 @youtube.

Sounds so nice...

[Vid] 10.09.08. E News Korea: Wave 1 Girl Group (KARA cut)

Credit: Uploader.

They call Nicole KARA's Dancing Queen and 2 choreographers talk about how awesome her butt dance is :D

[Tweet] Sangchu + Nicole


Nicole of KARA! world cutest!

Source: SangChu's twitter.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

[Info] Forum for Heroes

So there is a forum for Heroes the forum is subbing the show. Visit to talk about the show etc, Cole's section could be more active (ahem) LOL.

Super Heroes Subs:

[News] 10.09.01. "Nicole-Lee Jin .. will adapt like Lee Seung-gi?"

Heroes have been aired for about 2 months now, the ratings were a mix of highs and lows, even amongst the 12 members have been slowly replaced.

Na SaeYoon, Yoo Inna, and Seo InYeong are amongst the members that first joined as casts which played center role. With a  bit weak in Korean, Nicole who has not been on entertainment show for awhile including Lee Jin have found difficulty to adapt the show as well.

However, ‘Heroes’ PD Park Song Hun had a different view. He (PD) thinks it was hard to see the soft, tender and gentle characters that these people have shown throughout the first part of the episodes. Park PD said, “Nicole appeared to be a pure innocent look and Lee Jin is very well prepared for the juniors, I think, rather than trying to be comedic(funny), showing these kind of heart-melting characters are more important.” Nicole’s Korean may not be very good and not quite suitable for variety show but that can be of interest for the episode as well. Just like Lee Seungi on ‘2 Days 1 Night’ He appeared to be ordinary during earlier stage of the show but He grew upon it after wards and both Nicole & Lee Jin appeared to be like this kind of character.

Park PD said, “At this sensitive moment, seems like it’ll (the show) undergo some changes.” ‘Heroes’ aimed to give a glimpse of the popularity of women artists, which was set as the early concept of Heroes, and we are preparing for a new one (concept) for the long run.

Source: SPN News
Translated by: aank1 @ KH.

So I don't know lol..but I agree the show needs to be balanced.. so I guess Cole and Lee Jin balance out the comedic parts...

[Caps] Gyuri, a blonde on SSTP!

Credit: dckara.

It looks good.. I don't get the freak out.. Korean fans calling her a kumquat instead of an orange LOL.

[blab] I think it's weird....

that people are calling Nicole's mom.. mommy ....

reading some tweets and yea .. saw that..guess we don't exactly know what to call her but I wouldn't call her mom XD

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

[Info] Maeda Atsuko (AKB48) bought KARA's Album

She said she is often asked in handshake meetings what are fav albums are....


 She said KARA's dance is cute and is popular within the members (AKB48).

[Info] Nicole voted #2 Best Eyes

Bae Yong Joon got first place with 58.8% and Nicole got second place with 37.4%. The survey was conducted from patients from Children's Eye clinic. The director said Nicole had clear and pure eyes, she seems show confidence and comfort to the public.

Bae Yong Joon and Nicole have attractive eyes that are soft and pleasant. I think, referring to their eye smiles and that both can be captivating force for advertisers and consumers.

Wow. I agree though Nicole's eye smile gives off a really friendly feeling, while others give off cute, but Nicole's feels comfortable :)

[Gifs] Heroes EP 8.


Monday, September 6, 2010

[Info] KARA's Comeback pushed to November

SeungYeon hurt her lower back and is required to lay low for 4 weeks. Poor girl seems like she has gotten the brunt of things this year, the fall during Lupin and had a sprained wrist, the fall just the other week at the Incheon Concert, and now this... I hope she doesn't feel any burden.. this is not of her own doing and I think it's a blessing in disguise.. KARA has been very busy and they didn't have time to take much of a break.. so I hope all of them take time out to relax and SeungYeon just needs to focus on taking care of herself.

[blab] KARA Vaction..

I read a couple of reviews of KARA Vacation and fans have said it's a Must Buy..though none of them exactly went into details.. but I want to see it now...

Sunday, September 5, 2010

[Caps] Cole & Lee Jin EP 8


Credit: dckara.

[Vid] KARA Bouquet Preview

Don't see Gyuri or Hara..

[Vid] Heroes EP 8 Cut.

Part 1:

End + Preview:
Credit: mysweetcole @ youtube

Nicole had much more screen time in this ep and she was so funny!

[Review] 10.09.05. Kara On Bouquet

I know poor Cole isn't there but the girls represented KARA well.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

[Gifs] JiNi from Me2 MV

700th Post!!


[Vid] Nicole's English & Korean Version

I made a cut of this to prove to those who hate on her English and Korean. Nicole is actually a nervous type of personality but because people know her more as friendly, they assume she couldn't be nervous. I remember SeungYeon talking about how Nicole was so nervous for their Rock U comeback that Nicole's hand was literally shaking when they were standing on stage. When Nicole is forced to speak she is a huge bundle of nerves, hence her speaking style on tv etc.

Because she is nervous, she speaks really fast and maybe not all that clear but I mean we don't know what she is like personally, her speaking might be different... who is anyone to judge her?

[Info] YAY! Another shoutout from Jay!

I was watching his live interview with AK and when asked his favorite group he was hesitant but eventually said KARA just because he's seen KARA's debut and they've come so far. He also said he likes the butt dance and does it with his friends lol.

I like Jay so it's awesome to me that he acknowledged KARA. But I think for most Kamilia's, it's THAT acknowledgment of KARA's hard work.. because most times celebs pick their favorite group based on whatever.. looks, songs, etc but Jay actually had more to say. Those who don't understand the phenomenon behind KARA is soo missing out.. anyways I think KARA fans are just Happy that other people see how far KARA have come that aren't necessarily Kamilia.

LOL Jay said In-N-Out is "alright".. haha Cole LOVES that place.

[Gifs] Cole gifs from Shabekuri 007

Credit: as tagged.

Friday, September 3, 2010

[PIC] OMG Gyuri's Hair


Immediately, I don't think Horrible when I see Gyuri's color.. there is a chance they are still in the process of coloring too. It's the same members that get chosen to change their hair over and over.. it's always a risk (cause the hairstylists can be extreme) .. and not always a  pretty one.

At least it's not only Cole with the changes.. 

[Info] Nicole for Star Gift Apparel

Some kind of contest for Korean fans. They are giving away Nicole's hoodie, she's a size XSmall.




[Fan] Inside KARA Vacation


[Info] KARA Comeback News

"Kara had a good response from Japan and from Oct 1 onwards Kara will have domestic activities for 3 weeks in which they are preparing now."

Translated by aank1 @ twitter!

First off they cut off Nicole's hair into a mullet for 3 weeks of promos? lol..poor girl.

DSP was shocked as they have admitted several times at how well KARA were recieved in Japan. They also said they would release a Korean mini album. Without losing much momentum in Japan and not wanting to shun the Korean fans, they are trying to make due with 3 weeks of promos then I assume back to Japan KARA goes. Also, Rainbow will be coming back with mini too.. so there you go.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

[blab] Nicole's vocals.

So there is an interesting discussion going on at KARA-T.

Someone brought up how Nicole had to change her singing tone compared to their debut days. I have been talking about this since forever btw. Nicole naturally has a husky voice but due to KARA's songs, she has been forced to sing in a really high sometimes not so pretty pitches ala Rollin' XD. So people think that is her natural tone :(. The fan said if she keeps singing in that super high pitch, it will damage her throat eventually because it's so unnatural.. 

[Fan] Fan art from Japanese Fans


[Trans] TV Guide Interview (Nicole's parts)

Firstly, each member, please introduce yourself to all readers in Japan. 

Nicole: I'm Nicole, who takes strong/healthy image of KARA. People often told me that I was strange/4D as well (laugh).

KARA's members talked about each other. 
Nicole: She is cool but also sensitive. When I think about it, she has always done in my favor (laugh). {Nicole means that she is satisfied with all the thing Hara have done or she agreed and would also do like what Hara have done in many situations} 

Nicole: Endless humor and the ability to make divine response. 

Nicole: She's the kind of people who always tries her best for others.

Gyuri: Always cares about others' feelings and situations. She is a warm-hearted and sweet kid.
Seungyeon: A kid who always acts very honestly to herself, to her own feelings and emotions.
Hara: She is always clear with herself. She works hard to lose weight as well. I personally think she is awesome.
Jiyoung: I want to learn from her how to build a clearly daily schedule and always done strictly in accordance with what was proposed.

Nicole: She always puts in efforts, but I also feel that she knows how to enjoy her life happily.

Is it right that you guys will debut in Japan in this August with the hit song Mister, which was really famous in Korea?
Nicole: Even at the first couple second, the "lalala~" melody already gives a catchy impression to the audiences

So as the title of the song, what is your ideal "Mister"?
Nicole: A person who has cute smiling face. I think it would be awesome if he likes to cook and eat like me.

Once being active in Japan, what will you want to challenge yourself with?
Nicole: I want to be standing on stages of many music programs and performing my best.

Message Cards which the members personally wrote:
Nicole's card: Nicole is studying Hiragana while writing the message. It is really cute to see her being shy and confused. 

credit: T-Master @ kara-t
translators: hasomy & Yoo @ karaholic

Take out with full credit

Read FULL Translations @ Karaholic!
Aww @ what the members said about Nicole :) 


[Tweet] 10.09.03. Looking forward...

호박 고구마언제나올려나...
I wonder when the sweet pumpkins & the sweet potatoes are coming out(season)... 

Translated by: izAkly @ twitter!

*She thought about this so early in the morning..around 1 AM ? lol.

Lizzy (Afterschool) replied to Nicole:
코리언니...나도 호박고구마...ㅠㅠ 악 맛있겠당
Nicori unnie.. Me too, waiting for pumpkins and sweet potatoes.. ak delicious
Nicole replies back to Lizzy:
언니호박고구마홀릭이야 ㅜㅜ 겨울돼면하루에2개먹어ㅋㅋ
Unni is a sweet potato holicㅜㅜ If during winter, I usually eat 2 of them in a day.
Lizzy replies back to Nicole:
웅 나두 다른고구마 말고 호박고구마는 하루에 몇개씩머거여 ㅋㅋ 아 빨리 먹고싶당zz엉니 스케줄 잇아엽??
I eat several other potatoes and sweet potatoes a day too keke ah quick I wanna eat them! Unni do you have a schedule today?  
Nicole replies to Lizzy:
ㅋㅋ언니는집에고구마굽는냄비도있단다 ㅋㅋㅋ웅연습이랑있어 ! 넌지금차지 ~~ ?? ㅎ
I have a baking pot at home just for sweet potatoes kekeke yea I'm having a rehearsal now! Are you in a car~~? 

Lizzy to Nicole:
나 언니집에 고구마 구워먹으러 가고싶당 ㅋㅋㅋ 저 지금 행사왔어용-
I want to eat sweet potatoes in my sis' house keke Now I just arrived at an event. 

Translated by: benbenkr @ twitter. 

[Info] Dalmatian & KARA Connection Solved!

Daniel aka Drama just got a twitter and he's following Gyuri & Nicole. There is a small chance he just likes GyulCole but he is also following a couple of people that Nicole is following that aren't celebs. I wonder if they know each other through family or something. Anyways, it'd be awesome for Daniel and GyulCole connect.

His twitter:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

[Fan] 10.08.18. Heroes Recording

I've posted pictures from the same taping HERE, but in this picture, she's looking at the camera :)
Credit: cyworld.

[Pic] Cole with Spongebob!

Credit: Cyworld.

One of Cole's Heroes lol..

[Info] Details on KARA Best 2007-2010 Album

One is the Normal Edition, the other Limited Edition:


  • 01. Mr.
  • 02. LUPIN
  • 03. Honey
  • 04. Pretty Girl
  • 05. Wanna
  • 06. Rock U
  • 07. Umbrella
  • 08. 私は…(ing)
  • 09. Tasty Love
  • 10. AHA
  • 11. Break It
  • 12. Good Day
Of course Break It has to make it into the album, that's the song that started KARA!

[Vid] Jay doing the Butt Dance at his Fan Meeting in Seoul

Credit: uploader.

He must Really love this dance lol

[Caps] Nicole from Syabekuri 007

Ugh totally slaughtered the show name.. forgive me :)



Credit: KARA-T.

Cole's first word she learned was Unagi = Eel LOL..

[Gifs] Me2 MV (Nicole + GyulCole biased)

I didn't know so many of you love GyulCole as much as I did.. they are the coolest!

Starting with the GyulCole LOVE: