Thursday, January 6, 2011

[Corrections] TV Guide Q&A (Nicole)

I posted the original post here translated by KH, but I found out some of the questions weren't translated correctly XD.

O = Original Trans.
C = Correction

O: 01. Habits that you do not know how to quit?
    1) Shrinking my neck too much

C: Stretching her neck to much

O: 02. Things that you always carry with you?
    Wallet, Faouzi, Mp3, Books, Handphone

C: "pouch" (usually people in Japan use them for makeup)

O: 04. What do men do to make your heart beat faster?
    Can cook by himself, study about (or care about) nutrition ♥

C: The question is mistranslated, so the answer was misconstrued.  The question is the stuff that she herself is "into" these days, and the answer is cooking and studying nutrition (nothing to do with men)

CR: greyface@jphip

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