Sunday, October 2, 2011

[Info] Ms. Shirley on Nicole's future

I know I'm not the only fan wondering what has Nicole been up to lately. Besides Kuki Six, she hasn't had any solo activities like the other members.

Not being satisfied by the thought that Nicole was purely not interested in any activities, action was taken LOL.

So myself and another Cole fan (firewater07 @ KH) sent Ms. Shirley aka Cole's mom a message at twitter. We told her we were a bit worried about Nicole because it seems like Nicole's not being pushed etc  by the company. We also hoped she got to pursue her own activities in the future and Ms. Shirley replied back to our surprise:

read bottom up XD

Was I shocked and so happy by her message haha. Nicole does have other ambitions as well and it's just really nice to have confirmation by someone reliable.. so hopefully this will give some of us some things to look forward to from Nicole :D


  1. mae,
    I'm so happy to hear this! Kudos to you and firewater07 for being bold enough to address the issue.. and went straight to her mother :D

    And good to know that both her and Cole hv plans for the future. Whatever she decides to do, we will of course stick by her to give her love and support :)

  2. Sorry im a bit slow here. So does that mean Nicole is preparing something that they have yet to tell us??Something big maybe???

  3. What i was hoping that Nicole get to release her own album at the same time as Jay Park. hehehe. Sorry im just too excited about this.

  4. jadedyetinspired, it was just unsettling thinking Nicole had no other ambitions and was content with being a KARA member while other members were pursuing and building their solo work lol..

    Diana, I'm taking it as Nicole wasn't just sitting at home while the other members were working haha. Her mom seems to hint that there will be future projects for Nicole, whatever that might be

  5. mae,
    Shirley's 'awareness' of the situation implies that it IS happening even though so many other Kamilias seem to say that we are being over-sensitive. :|

    No matter, i am happy that Cole has other plans and even though she's not in the limelight, she's still pursuing other things :) And i really hope that we'll be able to see the 'other things' soon and of course, we'll give her ful support! U go girl!!

    To the Anon ^^ ... I would totally tear up if our Cole gets to release her own solo album -- a dream come true!! XD and the idea of JayCole is just daebakkkk!! XD

  6. jadedyetinspired, the ones saying we were being sensitive... they weren't Cole bias lol. They didn't see it the way we saw it. I think it was logical to speculate b/c of the controversy and all the backlash Cole's mom got as well as Nicole being the only member not doing her own thing. Ms. Shirley basically backed up what we thought was going on anyways.

    I think Nicole is a great asset to KARA and shouldn't be in the background. Plus I really want to see what Nicole is like with her own solo projects :)